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St Petersburg Museums.

Like any other major cultural center of the world, St Petersburg has a large number of museums. Some of these are world-famous and are often put on many tourist itineraries. Others are not as well-known but can still offer valuable insight into Russian culture and many aspects of world history and culture as well. Please take your time to browse through the list of St Petersburg's museums. We have tried to supply you with plenty of information so you can compile your itinerary or simply learn more about St Petersburg, Russia.

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Army, Churches, Culture, Education, Fine Arts and Artists, History, Literature, Music, Navy, Palaces, Public Movements/Revolutions, Railroads, Russian Art, Science, Technology and Engineering, Theater, Wax Figures, World Art, WWII and the Siege, Miscellaneous.

Top Ten List:

  1. The Hermitage
  2. St Isaac's Cathedral
  3. Palaces and Parks of Peterhof
  4. Palaces and Parks of Pushkin
  5. Peter and Paul Fortress and the City History Museum
  6. The Russian Museum
  7. Cabin of Peter the Great
  8. The Cruiser Aurora
  9. Kazan Cathedral
  10. Museum at Piskariovskoye Memorial Cemetery

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