St. Petersburg sphynxes. Click to enlarge (350 x 234)The city of St. Petersburg is relatively young if judged by the European or Russian standards. Founded in 1703 St. Petersburg will in 2003 celebrate its 300th anniversary. But despite being a young city it has a rich and exciting history. From the early days of Peter the Great's "Paradise" and "Venice of the North" to the modern events of 1991 coup d'etat this city has been full of life. Since the early days it was always a city of myth and mystery: you can hardly find a young city which is wrapped in legends and stories in such a unique St Petersburg way.

Like any other large city, St. Petersburg will unveil most of its history and legend only to a very careful eye. Come to see this place if you ever get a chance. Take a brief look at St. Petersburg's history and come to see the White Nights over the mysterious "Venice of the North"...

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