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More bridges than anywhere else

St. Petersburg has the largest number of bridges among all the world's cities. There are 539 bridges (315 in the downtown area alone). Even Venice, Stockholm or Amsterdam can't beat that. After all, you can't have "A City on 101 Islands" (St. Petersburg) without so many bridges.

The first bridge in St. Petersburg was built in 1703, in the first year of the city's history. The bridge connected the Peter and Paul Fortress with the rest of the city.

The longest bridge in St. Petersburg is Alexander Nevsky Bridge (Most Aleksandra Nevskovo) - 2971' 5'' (905.7 meters) long.

The widest bridge in St. Petersburg (and in the world) is the Blue Bridge (Siniy Most) - 319' 2'' ( 97.3 meters) wide.

The narrowest bridge in St. Petersburg (excluding bridges in parks and gardens) is the Bank Bridge (Bankovskii Most) - only 6' 1'' (1.85 meters) wide.

The first permanent bridge across the mighty Neva River is currently called the Lieutenant Schmidt Bridge (Most Leitenanta Schmidta) and was built in 1842-1850.

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